Welcome to Red Rose Musings!

The goal with my website is to make a difference in the world and to help heal mankind, one encounter at a time.  Whether it be a hug, a smile a healing or even one of my funny musings.  Since I was a small girl I’ve wanted to help.  I wanted to help my mother in the kitchen, I wanted to help my teachers in the classroom, so what could I do, being just one person?  Could I really light one candle instead of cursing the darkness?   The answer is always yes!

My mother was an amazing human being who inspired me and was also a teacher and secretly the smartest and best person to play Jeopardy with.  Because of my mother I became a teacher, not just any teacher a Waldorf teacher.  She inspired me to develop my psychic skills, nurture my creative and artistic abilities and welcomed my healing arts interests.  So at the end of the day, this website is dedicated with my whole heart to my beautiful mother  Dr. Terryli McMillan Raine!  Bragging rite alert, she was voted “Teacher of the Year” 10 years in a row.  

So please take your time and  browse through my site. Read my blog, gawk at my art work and giggle at my photos and enjoy yourself and ask yourself are you doing all you can to be your best YOU.

~All my love