Hello World I’m Here!

It’s 2016 and I can already feel it’s going to be a fantastic year, and one where I will be launching my site. I’m very excited about this whole process and I’ve learned so much already.

So far this year already has set a tone. I have a very strong sense to organized, re-organize and tidy up. Right now my home is being turned upside down, it’s chaotic and messy, but out of chaos comes order. I just love this process. I love that no matter where we are in life we must find the peace within us, especially if our home is in disarray. We must set aside time to work, to be still and practice mindfulness.

Below are some wonderful ideas about mindfulness, I hope you enjoy them.

~Do one thing at a time
~Do it slowly and deliberately
~Do it completely
~Do less
~Put space between things
~Develop rituals
~Designate time for certain things
~Devote time to sitting
~Smile and serve others
~Make cleaning and cooking a meditation
~Think about what is necessary
~Live simply

I’m going to do my best to live by these principals in 2016, whose going to join me….

May 2016 be all that you make it.

Much Love,