October 2, 2016

Hello Dear Ones-

Fall is right around the corner and the weather is changing as I type.  I just love fall because, with it comes this natural sense of “coming inwards.”  The transition from the full out breath of summer to the contraction of fall is something I look forward to every year.  I love all the cooking, and eating and I even partake in the pumpkin flavors of fall.

I love seeing pumpkins on doorsteps, I even put pumpkins out myself.  When I see all the pumpkins, it reminds me of my childhood and I recall the crisp weather, the smells and my senses are alive.

Most of my family members have their birthdays in the fall as well so that also adds to my love of this season. I love the coming together of family.  The food we share, the stories and most importantly the love.

I love my family so much and we have come along way over the years.  We are a blended family and it comes with joy, happiness and many years of pain and struggles. I am currently  enjoying the peace of NOW.

May your fall be filled with the joys of family.