Meet Kimberly

Hello,   I’m Kimberly L. Raine  and  Welcome  to  Red Rose Musings.


There are many facets to my being that make up the whole woman that is ME.  I was born in Hollywood Ca and raised in Orange County.  Orange County was a wonderful place to grow up.  I have so many fond memories from my childhood.  I am the only girl with 5 brothers, and  I am fifth in line. What that means is that I was very bossy and thought I was in charge. Oh and I’m a Sagittarius, a blue eyed girl who loves to travel with minimal plans and I love to dance! Oh and I’ve been told I’m a bit of a chatter box, you’ve been warned!

Both my parents were wonderful artists and each of my siblings have artistic gifts as well.  I love to create beauty. I originally thought I wanted to be an Interior Designer because I liked to create beauty, but it didn’t fulfill my need to help serve mankind.  My mother always told me I should be a teacher, and so I did.  It was by accident really, but like most things in life it was a happy accident.  And here I am 20+ years later.  Most mornings I can be found in the greater west Los Angeles area teaching  Waldorf Parent-Child classes, which I love and are very rewarding.

As a young child I recall having very early memories, bathing in the kitchen sink, calling my mother from my crib and more.  I told my mother about these memories and was asking her things like “Why didn’t you come when I called you, you know, how we communicate before we learn how to talk?”  By the look  on my mother’s face I wondered if I’d said something wrong, but no. She simply said, “I have to tell you something, come from a long line of women who have what we call “sixth sense”, I will tell you more about it when you get older, but don’t ever forget this.”   Wow what a revelation.

I have had many experiences in my life that have assured me there is more to life than what we see and hear and we are not alone.  I personally have had divine interventions so many times I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.  But the experience that had the greatest impact on me was when a student of mine crossed the threshold unexpectedly.   The morning after he died my classroom was filled with angels and my little kindergarteners said all day “He is an angel now, He lives with the fairies now..!”  And I hadn’t even told them HE had died yet and yet they already knew.  Out of the mouth of babes, as they say.  So off I went on my spiritual journey, to share my story to share my love, to be in service and to bring beauty and joy to those I meet.

I am a  ~ Teacher  ~  Mentor  ~  Reiki Master  ~  Karuna Reiki Master  ~  Artist ~  Psychic ~

I love learning and I love professional development and could be a professional student if time and funds allowed.

Many Blessings to you~