Reiki/Karuna Reiki Healing Sessions

During a Reiki healing session I will check your chakra’s and see if there are blockages that need clearing,  Once all blockages are cleared I will continue with the healing. My Reiki guides , will guide me as to exactly what I need to do for your chakra’s will be checked and balanced.  During the session, Spirit gives me psychic messages for my clients.  Once the healing is complete, your aura will be bathed, cleansed, healed and sealed. You will leave the healing session  wrapped in God’s green healing light,  pink un-conditional love and protected with pure white light.

Reiki/Karuna Reiki Sessions: Each session is 66 mins long, with 44 mins designated for healing and 22 minutes for consultation.  I am an Intuitive healer and when I do a Reiki healings I usually get psychic messages for my clients, so I want to be sure we have plenty of time to share.

Energy Exchange for Reiki Healing Sessions:    $66.66 / 66 mins


Distance Healings:  I offer distance healings after we’ve had our first initial visit together.  I add you to my list of weekly healings and will contact you if I received any messages from Spirit.  I will send you an email to let you know when I have added you to my schedule.  Distance healings are still very powerful, but not as powerful as in-person healing and not a replacement for in-person healings.  

Energy Exchange for Distance Healings:     $22.22 

Serving Orange County and Los Angeles areas

~If you wish to have a healing in your home there will be an additional travel charge~

Blessings to you~