Water Color Healing Affirmations

Water Color/Colored Chalk Healing Affirmations

20160203_153655Together, we  will be create your  very own affirmations tailored to your needs which help to inspire your painting or drawing.  This experience provides an opportunity for deep and long term healing.

Each session is 66 mins long, 11 mins to work on your own personal affirmations,  44 mins for painting/drawing  and 11 mins for set-up and tidy up.

Energy Exchange for Water Color/Colored Chalk Healing Affirmations:               $66.66 / 66 mins.

Serving Orange and Los Angeles Counties

~If you wish to have the session in your home there will be an additional travel charge.

Before you leave from the painting session I will do a quick protection on you at no extra charge. You will leave the painting session wrapped in green healing light,  pink un-conditional love and protected with God’s white light.


Your cards go home with you along with a beautiful handmade velour bag.  Enjoy!