Water Color Painting Sessions

20151108_123945Water has such a wonderful grounding quality.  I just love how it goes where it wants to.   Adding natural pigment and the painting experience just happens.   Wet-on-wet water color painting is the method we will use in my painting sessions.  The reason I use this medium is, wet-on-wet is a great way to paint and create without getting too attached to your work.  Water likes to move and so does a wet-on-wet painting so what you will paint might not be what it looks like when it dries. So this is a practice in being “open.

I have been using the Wet-on-Wet method of painting for over 20 years.  I just love how the wet paper allows the paint pigment to move and flow into ways we couldn’t imagine.

We will be painting “gestures” and not focusing on form or images, hopefully this will ease the minds of those  who think they are NOT artists or good at painting.  This medium is great for beginners and the experienced artist.

Water Color Painting Sessions:
 Each session is 44mins long, 33 mins for painting and 11 mins for set-up  and tidy up.

Energy Exchange for Water Color Painting Sessions: $44.44 / 44 mins                                                                                                        Serving the Orange County and Los Angeles areas

~If you wish to have the session in your home there will be an additional travel charge.

Before you leave from the painting session I will do a quick protection on you at no extra charge.  You will leave the painting session wrapped in green healing light, pink un-conditional love and protected with God’s white light.

If your painting is dry enough, I will send your painting with you, if not I will mail it to you.

~Blessings to you